Sweet Potato Chips


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Originally created out of Chef Sari Suzanne’s home in Durango, Colorado as a savory hors d’ oeuvre for private dinners and later for show stopping appetizer bars, we could not ignore our guests asking when we’d start selling the chips online and make them available worldwide!!

We are happy to share that you can now purchase them by the bag online and in The Yellow Carrot Restaurant!

These sensational sweet potato chips are super crunchy and have an extraordinary crispy sweet potato flavor. Serve them as a quick and easy side dish for burger night, a simple afternoon snack for you or your family, and they are great to take on a picnic.

They are full of magical energy and are freaking awesome!

Made with our super secret machinery, we don’t waste a drop of food. These chips are 100% sustainably made. Each sweet potato end is removed and is used to make a number of enchanting dishes in our outstanding restaurant, The Yellow Carrot in Durango, Colorado.

Once prepped, the sweet potato is gently sliced making it into thin strips and fried to perfection, bagged and shipped to you within the week. Our chips are as fresh as if you made them yourself.

We only use a few ingredients and the sweet potato chips are gluten free.

Our mission is to cultivate lasting change in our own lives and the lives of everyone we meet by radiating loving service, joy, peace, wisdom, prosperity, health, and gratitude.

We are devoted to making the world better, the world around us better by touching the life of someone every single day. Our highest intention and purpose is to provide you with the best cuisine, culinary artistry, design, production and loving service imaginable with sweet potato chips.

The Yellow Carrot team is zealous about what we do with sweet potato chips and promise to share this by wearing a loving expression filled with gratitude and giving a cheerful smile to every living creature we meet.

It is our promise to provide unparalleled planning and artistry with skillful expedition and intelligent direction to help make each and every one of your beet or sweet potato chip experiences delicious, extraordinary, unforgettable and treasured.

We are grateful for you & love you!



5.5 oz


1 Beets Bag & 1 Sweet Bag, 2 Sweet Potato Bags


Sweet Potatoes, Cornstarch, Natural Flavoring, Vegetable Oil, Salt
*Gluten Free